Is it legal?....Yes!
*StreamStation is completely legal. You are streaming and not downloading.
*StreamStation does not host, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind and acts only as an index of media, which is hosted by third parties on the Internet.
*StreamStation in no way condones Pirating, and any downloading of media to the device is prohibited. The media streams to your TV, but is never stored, retained, or downloaded.
*StreamStation boxes are highly optimized computers that allow you to STREAM your content rather than DOWNLOAD content. Since you never have an appreciable amount of the content at any one given time, you never violate any copyright or ownership of what you are viewing. It’s also a reason they do not even put a hard drive in the device. Simply stated, ownership is the law.. If you download, that’s illegal… If you stream, that is not.
*StreamStation has negotiated agreements with carefully screened Channel Providers, so you do not have to pay subscription fees. They will be adding to their Channel Provider list, creating more value for you as a StreamStation TV box owner.
*StreamStation will continue to work for you to bring quality channel partners and Addons. When they add a new channel partner, it will be loaded into your box automatically. Customers that have registered their StreamStation box will receive an email update with details.
*Through their Channel Providers, newer releases of movies and shows stream just like other content you can access. The software is not downloading anything, it’s only accessing content that is readily available online.